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Self Fueling Operations Certification

Fueling Operations – Fuel Handling and Quality Control

This online course is designed for those who desire to learn more about where fuel comes from, how it gets to the airport, what are the proper procedures for receiving fuel and how do we maintain the quality of the fuel. The course curriculum has an Aviation Fuel and Aircraft Fueling Operations focus and includes:

  • Aviation Fuel Distribution & Specification
  • Receipt of Aviation Fuel Products
  • Filtration of Aviation Products
  • Quality Control Procedures
  • Operation & Maintenance of Aviation Fuel Farms
  • Safety & Security of the Flightline
  • Fire Safety in Aviation Applications

Fuel handling and quality control training is offered both online and in live on-site seminar. Please contact us directly for pricing and scheduling of on-site training. The live on-site seminar format can be performed at your facility which would include hands on training on your specific equipment.