Here’s What Our Customers are Saying


Hey Dave,

I just wanted to first say thank you for coming to our location and conducting the training. Like I said before, that was the most well organized and informative training I have received in this industry and I took a lot from it.

Thank you for coming out and teaching us everything you did! You were very informative and ran through all our equipment thoroughly with an easy-to-understand teaching and or action plan! My hopes are that on your next visit we are at a even higher level than last time.

“Good morning Mr. Chartrand,

I want to thank you for your time and expertise! I enjoyed the training and appreciate the effort you put into the class. As an Operations Coordinator, my job is an inch deep and a mile wide, so I really find value in classes like yours that help me gain deeper perspective!”

Thank you.

Thanks David!
Wonderful training today, we’re very grateful we found you and for all we learned today!
Your delivery is engaging and you’re very approachable, made for a wonderful class.
When you have a chance, send me an address, I’d like to send you a small token of Aloha Mahalo nui loa

Jennifer Metrose

Aloha Petroleum

Hi Dave and Walter,
THANK YOU!! for another successful and knowledgeable 2 days.  It’s always a pleasure to see the both of you and listen to your incredible stories while learning the necessary safety procedures that are valuable to our and our customers operations.

Our friends

PetroValue, Canada

Good Afternoon David.
Thank you again for putting on a great seminar.  I have learned a lot and am looking forward to tomorrows training and demonstrations.

Marty Pearson

Accent Helicopters

Good morning David ,
Just wanted to take a moment to thank you and Walter for sharing your knowledge and work life experiences at the CSA B836-14 Seminar. Your presentation was first class!

Harry Kitzmann

WS Nicholls

Deborah, I thought your performance was outstanding. You managed to take a subject that is sometimes difficult to get your arms around and made it not only interesting, but fun. It was amazing how you were able to get the audience involved and participating in the learning opportunity. Your passion for teaching and the subject was obvious, I feel certain you made a measurable impact on the safety culture of our aviation maintenance folks.

Mike Jordan

FAASTeam Project Manager

I first met Deborah through our mutual affiliation with Million Air. I was able to observe her conduct training for my staff prior to a new software implementation. On another occasion she provided human factors training to my maintenance department. Deborah is knowledgeable, articulate and professional. I have enjoyed working with her as we trained our staff.

Joe Keith

Director of Standards at Freeman Holdings