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Customer Service Training

Aviation Training Academy’s Aviation Customer Service Excellence Training – ACSET® has become renown in the industry. ATA’s ACSET® Customers are the elite operations seeking to continue to move their corporate culture toward a level of service consistency that meets and exceeds the competition and distinguishes their operation from similar experiences. Aviation Training Academy will deliver on-site training utilizing Ritz-Carlton and Disney Institute certified trainers to bring Ritz Carlton and Disney concepts to life in an FBO/airport environment. The on-site seminar course can easily be customized for your specific organization and facilities.

Subject covered include:

  • What is Customer Service?
  • What are Customer Service Standards?
  • Knowing your customers
  • Customer Service Delivery System
  • Measureable Behavioral Guidelines
  • Facilities and Appearance
  • Service Failures
  • Customer Service Standards Integration

This course is now offered both online and in live on-site seminar format at your facility. You may purchase the online course via the Online Training tab. Please contact us for pricing and scheduling of live on-site seminars.

Petroleum Terminal Operations, Training and Inspections

This one-day on-site training course is designed for any Aviation Pre-Airfield Storage Terminal operations personnel and management staff responsible for meeting API 1595 2nd Edition standards in the Design, Construction, Operation, Maintenance, and Inspection of Pre-Airfield Storage Terminals located directly upstream of any airport. The course curriculum includes the following:

  • Risk Management
  • Petroleum Refining
  • Aviation Fuel Specification & Distribution
  • Filtration of Aviation Products
  • Aviation Fuel Quality Control Procedures
  • API 1595 2nd Edition Additions & Changes

This course is only offered on-site. Contact ATA for questions, or to schedule your training.

Helicopter Operations and Inspections

Aviation Training Academy offers unique and specialized safety audits and inspection of helicopter operations. With over 20 years of experience in ground operations and fueling of helicopter both onshore and offshore, ATA has the ability to certify to United States domestic and international safety standards.Offerings include:

  • NEW – 14 CFR Helicopter Air Ambulance, Commercial Helicopter, and Part 91 Helicopter Operations safety standards
  • Helicopter Safety Advisory Conference – Recommended Practices
  • OSHA 1926.551 – Helicopter Operations
  • CAA/ICAO/OSHA Safety Helideck Perimeter Safety Net Testing to both UKOOA and OSHA standards
  • Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) Offshore Helicopter Operational Safety Practices
  • CAP 437 – Standards of Offshore Helicopter Operations
  • Fuel Handling, Transfer, and Quality Control Standards
  • HOT Fueling Operational Safety Practices

Training and services for helicopter operations are only offered on-site. Please contact us directly for pricing and questions, or to schedule an inspection.

Fueling Operations – Fuel Handling and Quality Control

This online course is designed for those who desire to learn more about where fuel comes from, how it gets to the airport, what are the proper procedures for receiving fuel and how do we maintain the quality of the fuel. The course curriculum has an Aviation Fuel and Aircraft Fueling Operations focus and includes:

  • Aviation Fuel Distribution & Specification
  • Receipt of Aviation Fuel Products
  • Filtration of Aviation Products
  • Quality Control Procedures
  • Operation & Maintenance of Aviation Fuel Farms
  • Safety & Security of the Flightline
  • Fire Safety in Aviation Applications

Fuel handling and quality control training is offered both online and in live on-site seminar. Please contact us directly for pricing and scheduling of on-site training. The live on-site seminar format can be performed at your facility which would include hands on training on your specific equipment.

14 CFR 139.321 Training

ATA offers online courses for both the Supervisor Fire Training Program and Line Service Fire Training Program. Both courses meet and exceed the requirements of 14 CFR 139.321 and are listed as approved courses by the FAA Administrator on the National Part 139 CertAlert.

Both courses cover standards for Facilities, Procedures, and Personnel Training addressing areas including:

  1. Bonding
  2. Public protection
  3. Control of access to fuel storage areas
  4. Fire safety in fuel farm and storage areas
  5. Fire safety in mobile fuelers, fueling pits and fueling cabinets
  6. Training of fueling personnel in fire safety
  7. Familiarization with applicable Fire Codes from the agency having jurisdiction over the airport

Additionally, the Supervisor course offers instruction on:

  1. Training Requirements
  2. Reference Documents
  3. Training Delivery Methods
  4. Learning Styles
  5. Training Methodology
  6. Training Motivation

14 CFR 139 Supervisor Fire Training and 14 CFR 139 Line Service Training are offered both online and live “on-site” forums. The live “on-site” seminar format can be performed at your facility, which would include “hands on” training on your specific facility’s equipment.

Please contact us directly for scheduling and pricing of “On-Site” courses.

Online courses may be purchase here:

14 CFR 139 Supervisor Certification

Elements for 14 CFR 139 Supervisor and Line Service Fuel Safety Training:

  • Purpose of Course
  • Expected outcome
  • Familiarity with applicable FAA Advisory Circulars, fire codes, and fire and fuel safety organizations and their publications
  • Knowledge of aviation fuel types
  • Fueling of different types of aircraft
  • Basic safety practices, including safe fuel handling and protection against fire and explosion
  • Bonding, Static Electricity, and Fuel Flash Points
  • Pubic Protection in and around aviation fueling operations
  • Control and Access of storage areas
  • Fire safety in fuel farm and storage areas
  • Fire safety in mobile fueler, fueling pits, and fueling cabinets
  • Fire code requirements
  • Local Fire Code and Regulations requirement for Supervisory personnel

14 CFR 139.321 Audits

Inspection of Fuel Storage Equipment

  • Fuel storage and ancillary pumping equipment

Audit of Fueling Equipment

  • Inspection of Refueler Trucks and Hydrant Carts

Review of Documentation

  • Review of Receipt Procedures Documentation
  • Review of Fixed Facility Documentation
  • Review of Vehicle Documentation
  • Review of Fire Training Documentation

Reference Documentation NFPA 407-2012

For Into-Plane Agents, FBOs, Corporate Flight Department Operators and Other Fueling Agents subject to 14 CFR 139 Audits, ATA recommends completing the “Preparing for a 14 CFR 139.321 Audit” online course. This course proceeds item by item over all areas and pertinent audited items along with clear reference to documented requirements.

For Fire Fighters, Airport Authorities, Airport Operations personnel and others tasked with the responsibility of auditing 14 CFR 139.321 fueling agents, ATA recommends completing the “14 CFR 139 Auditor Training” online course”.

Both courses are offered online and in “on-site” live seminar format at your location.

Course curriculum includes:

Inspection of Fuel Storage Equipment

  • Fuel storage and ancillary pumping equipment

Audit of Fueling Equipment

  • Inspection of Refueler Trucks and Hydrant Carts

Review of Documentation

  • Review of Receipt Procedures Documentation
  • Review of Fixed Facility Documentation
  • Review of Vehicle Documentation
  • Review of Fire Training Documentation

Reference Documentation NFPA 407

  • No member fees in new hire training
  • Train to retain structure
  • Standardization of training with a flexible format
  • Easy and convenient to train on your schedule
  • Eliminates travel expense to train
  • Seminar Training at Your Facility

ATA is dedicated to the training and continued education of professional aviation ground support personnel. We are a team of aviation experts dedicated to being the premier provider of aviation training.

We believe in a “Train to Retain” philosophy and the standardization of training with a flexible format. Our training both eliminates travel expense and allows you to train on your schedule.

Walter P. Chartrand

Walter draws from near 40 years of experience in the aviation industry to share ideas and practices on how to set your aviation operations apart in a very highly competitive General Aviation marketplace.

DeborahAnn Cavalcante

With a Masters Degree from the prestigious Embry Riddle University Deborahann brings an expertise in risk management, SMS - safety management systems, auditing and aviation specific customer service training.

David M. Ware

With Dave’s 25 years of experience in refinery operations and aviation fuel transportation logistics his knowledge assists customers with the safe and efficient logistical management of their fuel operation.